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Why Choose KlariVis?

As veteran community bank executives, the KlariVis leadership team understands from first-hand experience the information needed to make timely and informed decisions that drive revenue, manage risks, and streamline operations. We also know that FI’s have difficulty accessing that information, making it impossible to act in a timely manner. We developed KlariVis to enable FI’s of all sizes to access their transformative data in an efficient way, interpret it, and act decisively on it. This can change an organization from the inside out, in the very best of ways.

By Bankers, For Bankers

The Problem and Why We Developed KlariVis

The problem is the same for every institution regardless of size. While the volume of data grows exponentially, your transformative data becomes more difficult to unearth and deliver in a timely and accessible manner.

Data inconsistency and lack of report integrity
Timeliness of report delivery

Antiquated core and siloed ancillary systems

Labor-intensive report-writing
Fragmented financial and customer information
Danger of key employee turnover

The Solution

KlariVis is a unique and proprietary cloud-based analytics platform that compiles and aggregates high-value, actionable data across the organization in an automated fashion, allowing your organization to “free up the gray space” for strategic decision making, rather than report creation.

KlariVis provides your organization with improved and timely insight into the factors that drive loan, deposit and revenue growth; better transparency into the results of your sales and marketing efforts; and increases your ability to effectively cross-sell the most profitable products.

By Bankers, For Bankers

The KlariVis Advantage

No more agonizing report creation and fragmented data

KlariVis’ attractive interface transforms cumbersome traditional reports into an interactive visual experience with minimal page turns.

Ease of deployment

Deployment is as simple as following a link and logging in.  No burdensome (and costly) technology purges or drawn-out launch periods.

Broad organizational applications

Granularity and flexibility empower the entire team to do their jobs better.

Immediate value realization

KlariVis delivers high-value data seamlessly without specialized training or additional staffing requirements.

A new strategic posture

Once you are free from antiquated processes, you can work more strategically, reallocate internal resources, and make better, more profitable decisions.

Internal rate of return

check circle icon Time savings
check circle icon  Revenue generation
check circle icon Single source of truth
check circle icon Value creation

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