The Data Economy Demands Value Part 2

How to build your organization’s data analytic proficiency; Part Two  In 2019, information as an asset is still in the earliest stages of adoption. However, a financial institution’s ability to compete in the growing data economy will be a primary competitive differentiator in the years to come....

The Data Economy Demands Value Part 1

How to build your organization’s data analytic proficiency; Part One The challenge facing most community financial institutions is not a lack of data. Banks and credit unions have access to an abundance of information; every day an institution will send millions of data points though expensive...

How Can Effective Technology Improve Customer Relationships?

In William Mills Agency’s Bankers as Buyers 2020 Report, our EVP Gill Hundley discusses how technology can improve customer relationships and help banks get to know their customers better.

Success through selling the sales environment

In an effort to drive revenue, banks continue to place inordinate time and attention on improving sales culture. Experience shows this effort often ends up fruitless and yields disappointing results. Wells Fargo’s toxic sales culture mentality and the phantom account scandal represent a textbook...

How Well Do You “Know Your Customer”?

“Know Your Customer” is no longer solely a compliance exercise for banks — it’s an opportunity for them to execute on strategic goals while deepening existing relationships. Community bankers know that personal relationships and superior service differentiate their institutions from mega-banks and...

Sink or Swim in the Data Deep End

Community banks risk allowing big banks an opportunity to widen the competitive gap by not investing in their own data management. It’s now-or-never for community banks, and a competitive edge could be the key to their survival. A financial institution’s lifeblood is its data and banks can access...

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